About apparel group

Recreating Retailing History.

Over 55 international brands. Over 1250 premium stores. Service cut to perfection.

A history embellished with countless milestones. It's the group that's redefining the fashion and lifestyle industry - time and again. The Apparel Group.

Beacons of world lifestyle today, the Group had a very modest beginning. It set up operations with one brand and three stores. The brand was Nine West and it tasted considerable success. Soon one brand turned into many successful brands, and the Apparel Group became the new residence of fashion retailing - housing the best brands of the world.

Their business formula was simple. Smiling customers equals growing business. By bringing together various international brands and setting up stores in every important location in the country, the Apparel Group gave millions access to products and services of supreme standards and global aspirations.

The business was built on solid groundwork. The Group had to master the complex science of logistics, operations, IT and financial management systems, employee training and integration, customer service betterment and comprehensive real time management. A result-oriented customer feedback system is followed to gauge customer satisfaction at all levels.

The Group keeps pace with the rapidly growing retail industry with S.P.E.E.D. - Service, Productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Dedication / Commitment. The management firmly believes in the values of S.P.E.E.D. and considers them as an imperative tool in maintaining sustained growth and increased market share. The Apparel Group draws on the strengths and prowess of its people. The team consists of industry experts, professional sales staff, consultants, experienced managers, strong sales staff and service providers. It believes that future success is dependent on the employees. As such the Group is committed to attracting, retaining and developing the most suitable people and establishing an environment in which people are encouraged to realize their full potential. Today, employing 12,000 multicultural staff within the Group are lending to its phenomenal growth. The team is regularly upgraded with in-house training - by senior staff members as well as professional consultants. Training is provided on various aspects to Apparel Sales Staff for implementing a Best Customer Service platform via in class-room guidance & preparation, Mystery Shopping, On Floor Training, Product Knowledge Training, and through the re-investment in our Employees by the means of recreation.